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How it all works...

As with many things, it's all in the preparation. Lets take a look at a straight bumper scuff where the paint has been taken off down to plastic.

First of all the damaged area will be feathered out with specialist abrasive pads and/or an electrical orbital sander if necessary. Feathering takes skill and a good touch to ensure a complete buttersmooth repairable surface.

After masking and panel cleaning, a couple of coats of primer is added. This has a couple of benefits; the primer is another layer of protection and it will fill & smooth out the tiniest scratches and surface particles.

Whilst baking the primer we'll make the paint. After establishing the vehicle's paint code which is then plugged into the laptop, we'll confirm the variant and make up the exact match paint from the 100 or so tints we have in our vans

The panel is then prepped and painted. Different colours require different techniques and skills to ensure an even and well blended colour. All the paints are waterbased and so will dry with the use of a hot air gun. Once we are happy with the colour, depth and blend we'll apply a full and strong 2k lacquer.


 As lacquer is the final layer to be applied to the repair it is crucial to get this area absolutely spot on and is, in our opinion the most highly skilled part of the operation. It is a hard technique to master and master consistently but once you have the skill the results are superb. Usually we will lacquer the whole panel but occasionally and when necessary we will blend in the lacquer.

The whole area a baked off at the right and consistent temperature, guns are cleaned and the vehicle de-masked.

Finally we'll bring out a polish mop and give the repaired area a good going over to ensure a lovely shine which at least matches the rest of the vehicle.


It's very important that you do not machine wash, jetwash or polish the repaired panel for at least 1 week after work has been done. This will allow the lacquer to complete curing to final hardness. However, the repair will be waterproof and you may drive away immediately after we have completed the repair.

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