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Prices to repair



Paint repair to a standard single panel section 

 -  £118 

Paint repair to smaller panel sections

 - £98
Dents (incl cracked bumpers) pull & fill   -

£78 or £98 for larger dents

Wing Mirror, door handles

 -  £88 each mirror/handle
Painted Rubbing Strips on doors.   - 

£88 or £20 if part of same door repair

Black plastic Inserts (Non Colour Coded) as part of any repair

 - £80

Repairs requiring two tone colours or larger panels

- £20 addition to standard price.

Scratches repaired using light abrasives  and polishing


£50 per panel

Rust Repairs or deep gouges that require a skimfill


£50 additional to paint repair price


                                   ALL PRICES HAVE NO VAT TO ADD                                  


Arrangements for Contactless Work.

I continue to carry out repairs during this time.

A necessary change in work practice as guided by Public Health England and the Government is in place.

Social distance is kept at all times. 

Payment ideally is made via online Bank transfer or the usual Cash or Cheque

The whole operation is socially distanced and kept safe for my customers and me.

panel that can't be repaired


What constitutes 

'a repair'?

It's simple, a repair is any area of damage within a panel section on the same side of the car. For example; a nearside bumper corner scuff, a door (with rubbing strip seperation) vandal scratch or a scuffed front wheel arch would all  be charged at £98 each. Or, damage to each side of a bumper will be £98 plus £98 = £196. However, some panels which have particulary small area shapes will only be £88. 

The diagram on the right demonstrates the panels (coloured) which CANNOT be SMART repaired. Essentially, it's all larger panels which are in a horizontal orientation. Also, any major crash damage or dented panels larger than thumb size cannot be SMART repaired. 

We do not have a rust treatment but we do mechanically remove rust, fill and cover with heavyweight primer before painting. However, rust repairs are not part of the guarantee.

Standard silver alloys (not polished) can be repaired but are not fully refurbished.

Please remember that the diary fills out quickly (1 - 2 weeks ahead). Book early to avoid disappointment

If you are unsure just give us a call and we'll go through it with you on the phone.


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